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How Black Greyhound Does Digital Marketing Differently

The industry of online marketing has changed a great deal since Google first started selling pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Sadly, not all of this change has been for the better.

If you have ever hosted your own website, you might remember what happened to the hosting companies. Most of them were relatively small operations, and they built their businesses on providing efficient customer support and kept the traffic load on their server machines at a reasonable level. The largest hosting companies, however, were able to buy these smaller businesses and treated hosting as a commodity, so now you have only a small number of huge companies offering mediocre service at best.

The same kind of trend has happened in the online marketing space – and that creates another “buyer beware” situation.

The biggest ad agencies and SEO firms may have brilliant online marketers among the founders and executive staff. But if you run a small business, you aren’t going to benefit much from those marketing talents. Those companies treat Facebook and Google ad campaigns, along with SEO, just like commodities: they want the highest volume of customers while minimizing their own costs. As a result, only the clients with multimillion-dollar ad budgets get any meaningful service. Small business owners like you are assigned to a twenty-something account manager who has never spent a dime of his own money in online ads, and who gets paid the same salary regardless of how your campaign performs.

Now think the opposite of this situation, and you’ll have the Black Greyhound difference. We haven’t forgotten that clients are people, and we put them first. We will never take on more clients than we can properly handle at once. We will make absolutely sure that you have all the support from us than we need. And our prices reflect our conviction that we will make more additional revenue for you than our services cost.

If you still need convincing, book a free consultation from our site, and find out for yourself.

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